Welcome to the NewIcons System Support Page. NewIcons is a graphical enhancement to the Amiga Operating system, allowing palette-independent icons in up to 256 colors. If you’re looking to give your Amiga a more stunning look, you’ve come to the right place. Also check out Amiga styled slots, as these days they can also be played online. No need to dig out your Amiga from closet.


NewIcons 4.6 is ready. This is a maintenance update with a few bugs squashed. OS 3.5 is around the corner and will support the concept of NewIcons (FINALLY!), so after 8 years of free development, this will be the last update for the executables. Thanks to all the NewIcons supporters who have pushed to get something like this properly into the operating system. Note that this site will continue on, probably with more emphasis on the icon images as time goes on.

Revamped the whole dang site. Check the News page for the latest scoop on NewIcons and the recent changes going on. NewIcons 4.5 is ready for you to download.