Frequently Asked Questions about Anet and Related Matters



1. About This Document

1.1 What version of the FAQ is this?

Version: 1.2.1
Date: March 12, 2003

1.2 Where can I find this document?


1.3 Who maintains this FAQ?


2. About the Network

2.1 What is Anet?

Anet is a new IRC network. We set it up as an amiga-friendly net (thus the a) but not limited to that. The goals have been to create a less split and faster network than efnet and ircnet, and a net that offers friendlier ircops that in a higher degree fight clones, takeovers and offending bots/people. We also run the net to not be as paranoid about bots as ircnet/efnet have been in the past.

2.2 How did this start?

RMerlin brought the idea to Blotto, “it was just because I was dead pissed at IRCnet’s constant lag and splits” (his words). Newlook, Mitchman, DarkDesgn and Bagder followed pretty soon and Anet took shape.

2.3 When did this start?

In the beginning of July 1997.

2.4 Is this part of the XXXX net?

No, this is a stand-alone network not directly related to any other IRC network.

3. About Servers and Admins

3.1 What servers are there?

Of course there will be changes in the list of servers, but at the time of this writing, the servers that are “allowed” to connect are:

   Server                            Port   Admin  

   whiterose.us.amiganet.org         6667   Blotto
   thule.no.amiganet.org             6667   Mitchman
   linux.us.amiganet.org             6667   DrWho
   spod.uk.amiganet.org              6667   blob

3.2 How do I become an IRCop?

You don’t. If you are important to an admin or have something to contribute with, you will know and you will be contacted. There is no use mailing or asking around trying to become an oper.

3.3 Is there an oper-list?

Yes. The oper-list is for admins of the net and is closed for the public.

3.4 Is there a user-list?

Yes. Send “subscribe anet-users <your email>” in the body of a mail addressed to Majordomo <AT> amiganet <dot> org.

3.5 Where can I find the IRCops?

We do sit in #anet-opers from time to time, try that. Or come visit #Amiga.

3.6 How do you run a new server on anet?

You must have sufficient bandwidth (>128Kbit) and machine. Mail us with details at IRCAdmin <AT> amiganet <dot> org.

3.7 What ircd are you using?

We’re using the ircu2.10.11.04 with an homemade patch (mini-bork) that enables IRCops to better deal with abusers/takeoverers.

4. About Various Odd Matters

4.1 Why did you reject the AI (Amiga International) server?

Who? There hasn’t been any AI server to reject. That rumour was initiated by the idea that it would be cool to have a server there, no person from AI or even anyone connected to AI has been in touch.

4.2 What about the former Anet?

Yes, there once was an IRC network named like this. That network was split when efnet was formed, in August 1990. We don’t think any IRC user of today will confuse these two.

4.3 What about channel/nick registrations?

There are no nickname registrations on anet yet, but you can register your channel here.

4.3 What about channel bot registrations?

Please email us at IRCAdmin <AT> amiganet <dot> org if you want to *register* a bot. We have no problems with bots, if they serve a purpose.