The Security Solutions of Internet Relay Chat against Hackers

Internet relay chat is an internet server network that uses a specific protocol through which people make online conversations using PCs, laptops, etc. Internet Relay Chat was first created in 1988. Botnets use Internet relay chat to communicate with other bot-infected machines.

Internet relay chat consists of various channels that facilitate individuals’ conversations. One person can chat with a specified group of people globally by utilizing internet relay chat. Let’s delve deeper to explore it.

Frequently Used Network

While using a particular channel of Internet relay chat software, one person can see the message typed on the other side’s keyboard.

For example, in a group chat, one can see the types of messages sent by all group members. It’s also possible that one’s conversation with others can be held private by using the same software.

Hence, throughout the world, all channels use one server to become online. At a time, the top 100 internet relay client networks, with over a hundred to thousand channels, were serving almost 500,000 users.

Purposes of Internet Relay Chat

The primary purpose of Internet relay chat is to allow social interactions to its users on one platform by using the Internet. The other reasons for Internet Relay Chat include:

  • Many software and technology communities use it to assist users. So they could ask any query.
  • Developers and their teams use Internet relay chat channels to solve any problem by collaboration.
  • By using internet relay chat channels, professionals expand their network by connecting with others in their field.

Solution of Security issues of Internet Relay Chat

Security concerns Internet Relay Chat, as hackers ignore all other options off social media but use Internet Relay Chat protocol for online meetings. Besides, this Internet Relay Chat experiences some security issues, such as:

  • The message through its network is transmitted in plain text, which malicious actors can intercept because it lacks end-to-end encryption security.
  • The Internet relay Chat can’t build a user authentication system. One person can easily impersonate another by knowing his nickname. Some IRC networks offer nickname registration or authentication services, but it needs to be a valid feature throughout its network.
  • As the internet relay client lacks end-to-end encryption, then there is always a concern of man-in-the-middle attacks. In this case, the attacker may change the message between the client and server.

To spam or spread malware, malicious users automatically create bots that join the internet relay chat channels.

Privacy is at greater risk. As the users can maintain anonymity, this could attract malicious actors. Those malicious actors usually do illegal things.

To avoid all these security issues while using Internet Relay Chat, try to use an SSL or TLS connection. Register your nickname with services like NickServ. Always use a trusted internet relay chat client.


For global social interactions and networking, the Internet relay chat serves as an essential platform. However, its security is vulnerable as it lacks end-to-end encryption. but all the issues could be mitigated by using an SSL or TLS connection. Remain cautious about clicking any link while exploring the internet relay chat environment.

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