How to Set Up IRC (Internet Relay Chat): Step-By-Step Guide

In the vast world of online communication, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is considered a classic and efficient way to connect with people worldwide. If you love to indulge in the realm of IRC, you should first know how to set it up for effective usage.

It’s a bit of a technical procedure but not as much difficult as you think. So, let’s make the process easier for you. To set up the IRC network on your device, you need to follow some basic steps.

In this step-by-step guide, we will explain every step in a way that works for you. You just have to follow all the steps sequentially.


Before setting it up, make sure to be familiar with the IRC network. You should know how it works, what its credibility and worth are, and how its algorithm functions. It’s vital to choose an IRC server and client. If you do not know, we will guide you thoroughly.

  • Setting Up the IRC Server
    Primarily, you need to choose a server host. Choose the best one that can suit your requirements, create an account, and configure the server settings.
  • Choose an IRC Client
    Select an IRC client software to connect to IRC servers. Some well-known clients are HexChat, mIRC (for Windows), irssi (for Linux), and LimeChat (for macOS).
  • Download and Install the IRC Client:
    Select the preferred IRC client and download it from its official website.
    To install the client, follow these instructions.

Open the IRC Client:

Launch the IRC client application.

Configure Connection:

Go to the settings > preferences menu in your IRC client.
Locate the server/connection settings.
You can choose an existing one or add a new server from the server list.

Enter Server Information:

Enter the IRC server address (e.g., and port number (usually 6667 or 6697 for SSL).
If applicable, specify the server password.

Select a Nickname:

Choose a unique nickname (nick) that you can easily be identified by in the IRC channels.

Join a Channel:
IRC channels are like chat rooms. Join a channel by typing “/join #channelname” in the chat input area.

Chat Participation:

Now, you can participate in the chat by typing messages in the input area to communicate with others in the same channel.

Learn IRC Commands:

  • Learn basic IRC commands like
  • /nick (to change your nickname)
  • /msg (to send a private message)
  • /quit (to leave the IRC server)

Customized Settings:

Moreover, you can also explore and customize additional preferences from the startup, such as colors, notifications, and auto-joining channels.

Nickname Registration:

Mostly, IRC networks allow the users to register by their nicknames. In this regard, use the “/msg NickServ REGISTER” command and follow the given instructions to secure your nickname.

Follow the Server Rules:

Make sure to be familiar with server rules and guidelines and be aware of the most common network-specific instructions or features.

SSL/TLS Configuration (Optional):

If you want to get secure connections from the IRC server support, you must consider configuring SSL/TLS settings in your client. This specific configuration provides you with encrypted communication.

Save the Whole Settings:

At the end of the whole setup process, save your configured settings. It ensures they are applied each time you open the IRC client.

IRC Server Connect :

Click on the connect or join button to establish a connection to the IRC server.
Setting up IRC is not as intimidating as it seems. With a pinch of curiosity and our step-by-step guide, you’re ready to embark on this digital adventure.

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